Loving Unexpectedly

People have an almost desperate need for community, and the church as the body of Christ can offer a level of belonging that is not found anywhere else.  At Momentum we strive to provide an extension of the invitation we have each found through Jesus to everyone who walks through our doors.  It is our desire for you to have the feeling that you have “come home” the moment you encounter Momentum.

For more info about our Belong Ministry contact… 
Belong Pastor, Nicole Walton ~Click Here~


Growing Intentionally

Salvation is instantaneous, but discipleship is a process. Once you decide to trust and believe in Christ for salvation, wholehearted surrender and Christ-likeness become a goal to achieve with the help of the Holy Spirit and the fellowship of believers.  At Momentum we believe in preparing the hearts and the way for people to become true disciple beginning at birth, through all stages and seasons of life! Our Believe ministry encompasses our Nursery, Kids Ministry, Youth Ministry, Life Groups, Marriage Ministry and Prayer Ministry.

For more about our Believe Ministry contact…

Believe Pastor, Rebecca Gibbons, ~Click Here~ 


Reflecting Christ

We believe that when you know who you are in Christ, you will have a desire to serve those around you.  To be a part of making a real difference in your neighborhood, community, town and throughout the nations.  The love of Christ that fills you up will have no choice but to spill out of you changing the stories of those you come in contact with.  

For more info about our Become Ministry contact…
Become Pastor, James McCauley ~Click Here~

What to Expect at Momentum…

So what’s it like to walk through the doors of Momentum? We hope you feel comfortable and encouraged! We understand that taking that first step to finding a church home can be difficult and perhaps even scary. Below you’ll find a synopsis of what you can expect each Sunday at Momentum.

So, why don’t you come visit? You may find this to be the right place for you!

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