Looking for YOUR life transformation during this 40 Days?

I remember the first time that Anthony came home with homework.  It was in 1st grade and he was so excited! He could not wait to sit at the desk, sharpen his pencil, get his notebook, turn on the desk lamp and get to work. I am grinning as I am writing this, remembering his excitement, his eagerness, the way he prepared and got ready.  He couldn’t wait to do his homework! My how times have changed.  Now as a junior in High School, he dreads homework, waits to the very last moment to do it, and would prefer to act like it doesn’t even exist.

PictureAs I thought about the “homework” we have in our Life Groups from 40 Days in the Word. My first reaction is “I’m not much of a homework person myself” then the memory of Anthony coming home that first time, so excited, unable to wait to get started came to my mind and I took a moment to really think about what “this homework” really is.  This homework we have with 40 Days is reading, studying and meditating on God’s word! THIS IS EXCITING STUFF! All of us, all 190 people who currently have workbooks in their hands through Mt.Olive life groups, and the thousands of people all over the world, will be spending time every day in God’s Word. Letting it dwell in us, richly! We, all of us, together, are seeking THE TRUTH, and it is going to set us free.  We will experience what it means to have our lives transformed and witness it happening to others around us.  Not because we attend church for an hour on Sunday*, but because we CHOOSE to be excited about our homework, studying God’s Word, everyday. (*But trust me you won’t want to miss one single minute on Sundays!!)

As our life groups are starting throughout this week, I encourage you to be excited about your homework.  I don’t want anyone, at the end of this 40 Days to hear the stories, see the life change in others and wonder what it is all about, why they didn’t have the same experience.  Life change, freedom, occurs through His Word.  You want it? You got to read it, study it and DO it!  This next 40 Days make your homework a priority.  Figure out what time is going to work best for you, schedule that time into your planner, on your calendar, and then keep that appointment no matter what!  Find your spot to study, turn off the TV, sharpen your pencils, get your workbook, open your heart and mind, and get ready, God is going to do a work IN and through you!

What’s your favorite place to study? Any thing you do to get ready? Are you a morning, noon or evening reader?