Song of my heart

PictureA couple of weeks ago during worship we sang, “I Lay Me Down” by Darrell Evans.  A beautiful song that we have sung and I have heard several times before.  This particular Sunday one of the lines of the song really resonated with me. Freedom is now the song of my heart. I use the word “resonate” to help convey my feelings at the time I heard this line. It more than caught my attention, it filled me! I love that the word resonate also has an electrical meaning because when I heard these words and they filled me, I felt a jolt, every nerve was tingling.  The Lord is so good and kind and loving with His revelations! Those times when I really “get it” when I allow His truth to sink into, fill me up, the experience is breathtaking, electrical! This Sunday was one of those times…

Freedom is now the song of my heart.  These words came to life for me that Sunday.  I felt for a moment the weight of what my heart had previously known.   I had a rough childhood.  The things written on my heart are not things that should be written on anyone’s heart. (see above image)  For many years my heart was heavy with sadness and brokenness.  There was no song of my heart. Looking back all those years ago I never would have thought, never would have dreamed, that freedom could be the song of my heart.  Who am I? What have I done to deserve freedom? To not only to shed the words that brought pain and brokenness but to have FREEDOM be the song of my heart?! Nothing! I deserve nothing.  But the beauty of the cross, is I don’t have to and I will never be able to do anything to deserve it.  I simply need to accept it. As the song says, I lay my life down, at the foot of the cross, I lift HIM up and freedom will be the song of my heart. I had to choose this. Choose to give up my wounds. Choose to give up how I viewed people, viewed life. Choose to give up the hurts I experienced.  Choose to forgive those who introduced those words to my world, those who wrote them on my heart. Choose to allow Him to erase those words. I had to choose to allow Him to write freedom on my heart.  For a while it was a daily choice.  For a looong time it was a daily choice, frequently a moment to moment choice!  I think that is why this song, those words, at this particular time resonated so much with me.  I realized that freedom truly IS the song of my heart! The words from my childhood no longer define me, they have been erased from my heart, while they may leave a faint trace, freedom is now the song of my heart!