The Preyer


Week 12
Be self-controlled and alert.  Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.  1 Peter 5:8I know this all too well.  The devil is good and tries very hard to tear apart anything God builds up.  I have noticed that any time I feel called to something it seems like that area of my life becomes something I have to watch very closely.  The more I pour into marriage ministry, the more alert I have to be about my own marriage.  The enemy does not want me to be successful in this ministry or my own marriage.I think that Gary Thomas is right when he says that this generation is too laid back about the enemy.  The truth is, the enemy is real and he does not want anything Godly in our lives.  The problem with ignoring the enemy is, we allow him to destroy things in our life without even knowing it.  My now 9 year old is very inquisitive.  He likes to ask LOTS of questions.  About a year ago he surprised me with a question, “mom, are we suppose to acknowledge that the devil is real or should we just pretend like he doesn’t exist?”  I was so shocked by his question I didn’t even answer him right away.  The mom in me wanted to say “oh no sweet boy, evil is just in movies and it is not real.”  But that is not the truth.  Pretending the devil isn’t real is like giving him an invitation to come wreck your life.

We must be on guard and we have to protect our marriages from this very real enemy.  These topics are not easy to talk about.  But I urge you to please, evaluate your daily married life.  Are you unaware of the enemy trying to make a mess of your marriage?  Are you just too busy to spend quality time with your spouse?  Too busy to just ask them about their day?  Are you too focused on what others think of you to worry about what your spouse thinks?  Are you holding a grudge?  Are you refusing to forgive?  Maybe you are so sure your marriage is so good, that it does not need any work?  The devil uses all of those things to slowly, tear apart your family.

So be aware, be proactive, and acknowledge that the Devil is real and he is after your marriage But we have a choice to make!  God is bigger and if we give Him our everything, the devil has no room in our life!  Pray and seek God’s guidance.