Love Mercy


Week 13
Love MercyLove mercy.  Micah 6:8I decided to look up the definition for mercy.  I just wanted to see what it said exactly.  There are several meanings.  I liked this one the best:

{Mercy: noun- a disposition to be kind and forgiving}

What is my disposition towards my husband?  Is it one that is kind and forgiving?    Unfortunately it is not always.  I wish that I was always eager to forgive and not hold a grudge.  But it is easier said than done.

I love my husband and want to be a mercy loving wife to him.  I am accepting the challenge this week to “fall in love with mercy”.  I am eager to try to be a better wife and this is a great step.

I think being quick to forgive and slow to anger at my husbands downfalls could make a huge difference in our marriage.  I can make the change I hope to see in our marriage and be better today!

What are your goals this week?

I have to admit, that my brain is a little bit of mush right now.  I am getting things ready for a super busy weekend and preparing for date night- so please excuse my lack of words this week!

Our next date night is NEXT Saturday, October 20th.  I am SO excited and have been working on the details.  I can’t wait to see everything play out!  Have you bought your tickets?  Sunday is the LAST day to buy them!  See me in the cafe to purchase the tickets!  $15 per couple (includes dinner, entertainment, and reimbursable childcare)