One Bad Habit


Week 14
Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.  Matthew 5:48“Can’t I just have one stinking vice?”  That is the question that Gary Thomas asked his wife.  I can relate to him.  I think there are several things that I like to think I deserve.  They don’t cause any harm and I do a lot every day, so why not?Gary’s point to this devotion is not that we should not ever drink soda or coffee, or that you should eat that piece of chocolate you love.  But the point is how easy it is for us to do things we know we shouldn’t do, because we do other things that are good.

I have been guilty of excusing my not so great behavior.  I have said more times then I can count “I am sorry I acted like that, it is just that I am so stressed out”  First of all, most of the time I put myself under stress by over committing, not planning ahead, or just allowing circumstances to get the best of me.  Second of all, my husband does not deserve to hear me yell and treat him unfairly just because I am stressed out.  My husband is so gracious and always tells me he understands and that it is ok.  But really I need to do my best to not allow all of that to stand in the way of how I should treat my spouse!

“We fail to see that one hole can sink a ship as effectively as can ten holes;  It may take a little longer, but the ship will still sink.”  Gary Thomas nailed this one.  One reason I really wanted to do marriage ministry is because I had seen so many marriages end and it broke my heart.  Seeing couples who were in love just seem to dissolve their marriage and often times they had no idea why.  But one little hole can sink a ship, over time.  I want to encourage you to make sure you work on even the smallest holes.

This week I am working on not making excuses for behavior, and instead trying to change that behavior.  I am praying for all of you this week!