Enjoying Each Other


Week 16
[God] redeemed my soul from going down to the pit, and I will live to enjoy the light.  John 33:28Here is another devotion that hits home with me and Joel!  Life with 3 kids, 2 busy businesses, homeschool, church, and the list could keep on going- but the point is, it is busy!  It is easy to just let our marriage get pushed to the side because we have so many other things going on.

Enjoying one another is a huge part of a happy marriage.  It is so hard sometimes to remember that God gave us each other to enjoy one another and to have companionship.

Gary points out that most of the time when he sees a couple who has fallen into a place where they are fighting all the time, he finds that they have become so stuck just going through the motions.  They are just doing what has to be done and they are not taking time to enjoy each other.   I think that this is true for Joel and I.  I know when we go through very busy periods we can get stuck just going through the motions and not really enjoying anything we are doing.  This is a place we need to steer clear of.

Setting aside time for you and your spouse to be together is so important.  If you can’t go on true date nights, maybe you can meet for lunch a few times a month.  Remember dates do not have to be at night and they do not have to be “out”.  You can always have a date in your room!  Curl up and watch a movie together or sit on your back porch and look at the stars!

One thing that Joel and I try to do (we do not always get to) is spend time together in the mornings.  I find this hard sometimes, because I want to sleep in and not get up!  But I am always glad I get up with him and spend time, just the two of us, before he heads to work.  If you are a night owl, maybe you could try setting aside some special time before bed to enjoy each other.

This week I am going to make an extra effort to just enjoy my husband!  I am challenging you to do the same!  Set some time aside to remember that God gave you each other- to enjoy!