The most fundamental question that everyone faces in life is:  “What on earth am I here for.”  That’s it!  That’s the BIG question!  We all want to know why we are alive and what we are supposed to do with our lives.  You see, I believe that no one wants to simply exist and just take up space, but deep down everyone wants to know that their life mattered and they made a difference!  The problem is that many of us just don’t know how to start living a life significance and purpose!

bookOver the next six Sundays we’re going to be answering that fundamental question, by using Rick Warren’s book “What On Earth Am I Here For.”  These next six weeks will help you to understand why you are alive and God’s AMAZING plan for you.  Let me tell you this, knowing God’s plan for your life will reduce your stress, help you to make decisions, and give you meaning and fulfillment that you have been seeking!  Simply put, these next six weeks WILL BE a game changer for the rest of your life!!

I’m inviting you to be at MOMENTUM Church this Sunday and every Sunday during this series.  I am telling you, you do NOT want to miss a single Sunday.  Also, if you are not in a Life Group, please go by the life group leader’s tables (to the right after you leave the auditorium) and sign up.  Life Groups will be talking in depth about the Sunday morning message and covering some topics that will not be covered through my messages.  Finally, please extend an invitation to someone to come with you. There is NO greater joy than being a part of someone’s life being changed by the power of Jesus Christ!!

I will see you this Sunday as we begin this life transforming journey together!!!