Week 25: Marital Ruts


Week 25 :: Marital Ruts

See, I am doing a thing!  Isaiah 43:19

Once again we are talking about being stuck in the day to day routine of life, that can be the culprit of taking out the joy in  the simple things.

Marriage is meant to be enjoyed.  We are suppose to enjoy each other and our time together.  I know for us, it is so easy to miss the little moments to show affection or to just simply say “hey you are doing a great job with the kids”.  We are so busy checking off our to do list that we dont even look up to see the moments that are right in front of us.

I like that Gary Thomas reminds us that all long term relationships have occasional ruts.  I think we can all expect, that at some point our marriage will fall into a rut.  I find it encouraging to know that all couples face this.  I don’t think we talk about the ruts enough.  We like to brush those under the rug!  We also need to be encouraged to always work through those ruts and to get our marriages back where they need to be when we do fall off track.  I think it is far easier to fall into the rut then it is to work to get out of it.

I really needed the reminder to change things up in my marriage.  Just like I can get wrapped up in my daily routine, I also just get use to doing the same things in marriage, to a point of being very predictable!  I need to find new ways to surprise my husband, to show him I love him, and I am even going to go as far as spoil him (he deserves it!).

I would love to hear how you are implementing this in your marriage!  What ways have you found to change things up?  To break out of your routine?  To find time to spoil your spouse?

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