Momentum Church goes On Location

Sunday, April 7th at 10am,  Momentum Church goes ON LOCATION at Hope Academy.

What does that mean?  It means that we will not be at the Van Buren Fine Arts Center this Sunday.  Instead, we’re moving (for one week only) to a big tent in the parking lot of Hope Academy (formerly J. J. Izard elementary.)   S0, now you’ve got the what; how about the ‘why?’  Hope Academy needs us.  That’s why.  Hope Academy is the place where our students who struggle with addiction can find support, encouragement, and hope that they can have a life of freedom.  This place is not rehab; it’s more than that.  It’s the place where students can discover answers to the question ‘But, what else can I do besides drugs?’

Here’s the part where you come in:  This Sunday, April 7th at Hope Academy at 10am, we’re hosting a shower, similar to a house warming or baby shower or wedding shower, to collect some much needed items for this new school.  Look over the list, pick an item or two (or 100) and bring it Sunday morning at 10am to Hope Academy (located at 501 North 24th St, Van Buren, AR).  We will have collections areas for all the office supplies, art supplies, cooking supplies, etc.  Then, at 10am we’ll have a great worship gathering under the big tent.  Our full children’s ministry will take place right inside of Hope Academy.  After worship, it’s free lunch time, provided by Momentum Church. (We also have some bounce arounds for the kids.)

Here’s the supply list.

Office Supplies:

  • White Out
  • Stapler
  • Staples
  • Tape
  • Binders (1 1/2″ and 2″)
  • Dry erase boards
  • expo marker
  • push pins
  • message board
  • calculators
  • calendars
  • index cards
  • clipboards
  • binder clips
  • envelopes
  • hanging file folders
  • band aids
  • dividers
  • post it notes
  • shredders
  • tape dispensers
  • microwave ovens (4)
  • paper towel dispenser
  • compositions notebooks
  • pencils
  • file cabinets
  •  6 X 4 White boards
  • clocks for classrooms
  • TVs 42″
  • Blu Ray DVD players
  • Ultra-light ear buds
  • APP store cards
  • cameras
  • iPads
  • paper clips
  • filing trays
  • heavy duty clasp envelopes
  • top tab folders
  • first aid kits
  • tabs
  • scissors
  • coffee brewer with warmers


Art Supplies

  • Sketch pads
  • white drawing paper at least 8 1/2″ X 11″
  • scissors
  • rulers
  • colored pencils
  • drawing pencils
  • oil pastels
  • charcoal pencils
  • crayons
  • sharpie markers:  fine, medium, broad
  • tempera paints and neon colors
  • basic black journals–no lines
  • paintbrushes–variety of sizes
  • making tape
  • charcoal sticks
  • aprons
  • acrylic paints–all colors
  • watercolors
  • markers
  • glue


Cooking Supplies

  • food processor
  • hand mixers
  • chef knives
  • bread knives
  • large tea urns
  • knife sharpener
  • zesters
  • spices
  • bottles for oil and dressings
  • paper goods/packaging
  • saute pans
  • mixers
  • paring knives
  • table top grinder
  • knife tote
  • spoons
  • graters
  • pastry bags and tips
  • spice containers
  • plastic totes


DIRECTIONS to Hope Academy:  501 North 24th St, Van Buren, AR

from the Van Buren Fine Arts Center, turn left out of the parking lot; travel to the end of Pointer trail; as the road turns onto No. 24th Street, turn right;  continue on No 24th to the intersection of Alma Blvd, turn left;  Hope Academy is one block down on your right.