Knowing Who You Are In Christ

redThis past Sunday Barry mentioned in his sermon that he used “the googles” to search “who I am in Christ” which led him to the Joyce Meyer’s list of our identities in Christ.  I thought I would help you out a little and provide you the link here. I highly recommend that you print this out and put it some where you that you can reference it often (you know, like, EVERYDAY!)

The world is constantly trying to confuse us and make us forget who we are in Christ.  We have to be active in reminding ourselves who God says that we are. We can’t just hear on a Sunday who God says we are, we need to hear, be reminded, read it, pray it and accept it, EVERYDAY. With all the noise, chaos and distractions of the world we have to make sure that we are reading God’s truth, everyday, we need it, so we don’t forget who God says that we are!

As Barry told us on Sunday, we need to Read It! Receive It! Live It!  Who does God say that you are? Week one: God says you are a New Creation! The old is gone and the new has come.  I am loving this series and I know that we are going to see and hear amazing stories of how God is using this message to change lives and set people free! Don’t forget to check out this list of identity scriptures. I’ll have some at the Believe booth this Sunday if you want to stop by and pick it up! See you Sunday!