Hey Momentum!

Have you been thinking about ways you, your family, or life group can get involved to be the active body of Christ during Visible Church Week? VCW is going to be the best time to get involved and there are opportunities every day of the week, including Sunday. The 3 ways for you to help out are: time/service commitments, monetary donations, and in-kind (physical) donations, such as toiletries.

We will have all opportunities available posted on the VCW display and on our website each Sunday. One such opportunity is on Thursday, September 26th. We are feeding the 9th grade Van Buren Football team prior to their game. The easiest way for you to help us with this is to donate $5 towards pizza.  If you’d like to help serve food to the players and coaches please sign up with me or online through our website.

For the In-Kind donations (paper, hygiene, and cleaning products), we will have a toiletry drive for Hearts of Hope the next two Sundays, Sept. 22nd “Sleep In Sunday” and Sept. 29th “Celebration Sunday”. If you don’t know anything about Hearts of Hope, let someone with intimate knowledge explain:

“Hello, my name is Summer Bartlett! I am wanting to stuff the back of my car with toiletries and non-perishable foods or donations of money for Hearts of Hope. They are a non-profit Christian based rehabilitation facility in our area. Hearts of Hope has touched my family’s life because of the work they are doing for my brother, helping him to get back on his feet. Since Pastor Barry has been talking about being the Visible Church, I thought ‘Why not do something for Hearts of Hope?’… I would love to help change the lives of the men and women in the program. The only way I can do that is to let them know there are people (in the community) who care about them and to show them all the (donations) the church is bringing to them. “

There are multiple ways to get involved as these are just a few examples. Did I mention you get a limited edition Momentum T-Shirt?!! Every participant will be given one at the event of their choice. VCW is how we, as the church, will gain MOMENTUM!


VCW Sign-Ups!