Building a Temple – by Rodney [a Welcome Home Project blog]



My favorite Bible character of all time is King David. The stories of David are failure to triumph, back to failure, and then back to triumph.  David was one of those guys who had it all, but continued to find himself in trouble.  David is the guy who is great when he is following after God, and bad when he tried to do his own thing. God himself said “David is a man after my own heart.” This statement, to me, is the biggest compliment a single human could receive, not from your boss, wife, or your friends, but from God.

David was a Godly man, who thru God had many great victories.  An example was the all time great story of David and Goliath. All of Israel was scared of this great giant, but David knew he had something greater than Goliath.  The greater was God, and because of God, David was able to defeat a giant.


So all the stories I could tell about David and all the great characteristics I love about him, there is one thing King David did not get to experience in his lifetime.  The experience David missed out on was building a temple for God.  David asked God to build a temple for him but God said “No.” God told David he could not build his temple because he was a man of war, but God honored David and allowed his son Solomon to build his temple.

I know David is a legend, and by no means do I ever like to compare myself or other people to each other but we, Momentum Church, are doing something not even King David was able to do.

Now don’t get me wrong, God does not need a building to live in. The Bible says we are the temple and your heart is where God dwells.  The Welcome Home Project is about building a church for us to call home.

I have been on many road trips in which I had to stay in a hotel.  The beds may be good, but I never sleep as well in a hotel as I do at home.  Why? Because it is not home to me.  Building a home for Momentum Church is so much more than not having to set up on Sunday mornings and break down 2 hours later.  It is about building a place that is ours.  It is about building a place for people to worship together, to cry together, to laugh together.  It is a place for the tired to rest, a place where people can be themselves and realize we all have struggles and problems. A place where people know they can come and start or continue to build a relationship with God.


I have been blessed to be able to continue the youth ministry at Momentum Church. God has worked out a place for us to minister to students while we are going thru this transition.  MyMinistry has grown during this time, but I can truly say I am ready to be HOME. For me to make this new place my home I personally must invest in it.  Not just my money, but my time and my prayers.

I know I am no King David and never will be, but I thank God for the opportunity he has given me to be a part of something bigger than myself. I am proud to be a partner at Momentum Church and I love the people I have partnered with. God has entrusted us with the responsibility of building a home and I am ready.

Welcome Home, Momentum Church.

In Him,