Steps of Faith – by James [a Welcome Home Project blog]



In the book of Judges there is a story of a young man that is challenged by God to take STEPS of faith. After the Israelites had committed sin in the eyes of the Lord, God allowed the Midianites to oppress them for seven years. Then the Israelites called out to God because of Midian. So, God took a stroll through the land and picked an unsuspecting defeatist from Ophrah. This guy was average, the youngest male of the family from the weakest family in the region. This guy’s name was Gideon. God then approached him and called him Mighty Warrior. Because of the Holy Spirit, Gideon rallied a tribe behind him. And, that tribe then sent messengers to many other Israeli tribes. After the tribes met up, there were 32,000 people ready to push the Midianites out of Israel. This guy was no longer average. He was directing 32,000 armed men because God called him to it.

 But this is where God starts to challenge him. The Lord said to him “You have too many people for Me to hand the Midianites over to you, or else Israel might brag: ‘I did it myself.’ Now announce in the presence of the people: ‘Whoever is fearful and trembling may turn back and leave Mount Gilead.’” So, 22,000 people turned back. Wow! Talk about a bursting your bubble! Approximately 70% of your army just walked out on you! That is a challenge. This is the point where I’d be hitting my knees asking for God to make it easier. But, God doesn’t stop there. Then he says to Gideon “There are still too many people.” I can picture Gideon saying: Geez! You want to take more?! So, God basically whittles his army to 300 men. That’s when God delivered the Midianites into their hands. 

Has God ever asked something of you that you think is unattainable? Then if you take that step of faith, you realize God has another set-back in store for you? I think that he does it so he can be glorified, just as he did to Gideon. Each time you take that step of faith it becomes the new baseline, not the ceiling. That is probably the reason it’s called a WALK with Christ and not a Sit-Down with Christ. He moves the goal just a little further away after each milestone so we can exercise our faith and be Mighty Warriors for Christ just as Gideon was. One thing we must realize is if we put those challenges back in his hands and we walk in obedience to him, it is his reputation at stake not ours. The same principle applies to the Home Project. If we put this completely back in his hands and walk in obedience to his prompting, then no matter what challenge stands in our way we will overcome in accordance to his will.