I was listening to message by Lysa TerKeurst and she said something that has just stuck with me.  She said we should be less worried about our rights, and more worried about being righteous.  She went on to explain that to her, righteous was: right choices that honor God daily.  She gave several examples of times where we feel like we need to be treated “right” or that we can justify our actions because someone else wasn’t acting “right”.

The more I reflect on this, I can apply this to so many areas of my life.  The way I treat my kids, strangers, my family, but one area that I really feel convicted in today, is my marriage.  Sometimes I do what I know God is calling me to do as a wife, but when I feel like Joel isn’t doing exactly what I think he should be doing, I change my tune.  Suddenly, I don’t feel the need to treat him the way I know I should.

I am seeking what is “right” and not what is honoring God.  WOW- eye opener!  I think that it is so easy to start a cycle of he didnt, so I didn’t, she didn’t, so I didnt, he did this, so I did that, until we are so far off the path that God has intended for our marriage, that it is difficult to see our way back on.

What if we started trying to be biblical spouses, regardless of what our spouse is doing?  What would change?  What if we started praying for our spouse more then we tried to correct our spouse?  What if we decided that instead of looking at what our spouse was doing wrong, we chose to see all the things they are doing right?  What if we focused more on our behavior then on someone else’s?

This blog post was for me, but I felt the need to share it with all of you.  I am seeking to look to God for all my strength in my marriage.  To remember that HE has called me to be a God honoring wife to Joel, and that my focus needs to be on pleasing God, and not on what I feel like is “right” or due to me.

This is a challenge for me, but like all challenges, if you stick with them, you see a great reward!  Marriage is hard and it takes work, there is no doubt about that, but with each challenge we face and overcome, our marriages continue to grow and become stronger!