Why Community: Radical Generosity


A couple of Sundays ago,  my son, Anthony, was the recipient of radical generosity. Before I tell you how, let me tell you something else:

My son competed in his first triathlon this fall. He really liked it and has decided to continue training and competing in triathlons  He completed his first triathlon on a single speed road bike, not the right equipment at all! After finding out how expensive road bikes are he decided to ask for money for Christmas so he could begin saving up for a decent road bike.


Two weeks ago, out of the blue, I got this text from Anthony “Hey for Christmas I don’t want any gifts! Instead I want y’all to keep the money that would be spent on me and I’m gonna pitch in some and I wanna do Heifer International!!”


When I asked what brought this on he told me that they were having a discussion in his philosophy class about who’s, if anyone’s, responsibility it is to care for the poor. Their discussion led to purchasing things that enrich versus overindulge our lives, and to the fact that the wealthiest people in America could wipe out world hunger and still be the wealthiest people in America and they discussed Heifer International.


Anthony said later in his dorm room he was pondering the conversation and found he was irritated the rich don’t do anything to help and the he was hit, all at once, with the fact that he can’t really be mad at anyone for not doing something to help, when he himself doesn’t do anything. He also realized that  he could almost purchase an entire Ark with what he personally owned. He said, “I am not at a place that I want to sell everything I own, I don’t think that’s what God is saying, but I certainly can stop acquiring so much, and use that money to help people survive. Proud Mama moment right there!


So now you are ready for the radical generosity part! This past Sunday a friend, a partner of Momentum Church, and fellow life group member, walked up to Anthony and asked him if he would want a road bike that he has. Anthony was beyond blessed and excited! Radical generosity! Anthony came over to me and said, “Barry’s message just happened!” This isn’t a gift of “here you can have something I no longer want or have a need for” but an overwhelming generous gift, sacrificial and from the heart.


How cool is that!? God radically provides a huge blessing in light of Anthony’s willingness to sacrifice gifts!  Being the Believe pastor, I’d like to point out-this radical generosity occurred in the context of “doing life together”. I  Wonder how many times we miss out on God’s abundant blessings by choosing not to “do life together”? I truly believe that we get to experience God the best and the most when we experience Him through each other. There are times when we  get to be the one providing the blessing and times when we get to be the one receiving the blessing, all through the prompting of our Heavenly Father and through the hands and feet of those who love Him! Radical Generosity, indeed!



If you would like more information on Heifer International, please visit their website!