tothemoonTomorrow is that day, the day where flowers, cards, chocolate, and dinner dates are are considered standard.  So what do you have planned?  Anything?  Maybe you have put lots of thought into your gift/date this year.  Are you a last minute kind of person who just runs to the store the day of?  Or are you just over the entire holiday and don’t care to do anything special?

Well, I have decided to compose a few ideas that might fit into anyone’s day regardless of how you feel about THE day, Valentines day that is.  After all, it is just another day that you can celebrate your love for your spouse!  Valentines day is a good excuse, but any of these ideas could work any day of the year!  Whatever you choose to do, just make sure you are speaking to your spouses love language and that they know, without a doubt how much you love them!  Be intentional and do something for them! 1. Do something special that you wouldn’t normally do.  {make your spouse coffee, breakfast in bed, start their car for them, offer to do something they normally do.  The little things matter the most!} 2. Tell them why you love them, on paper, and leave it somewhere random and unexpected.  It can be simple or a full on love letter. 3. Leave post it “love notes” all over the house, in their car, stick them in their wallet, and so on.  Let your love stick all over their day! 4. Change their wallpaper on their phone to a picture of you blowing a kiss or holding a sign that says “I Love You!” 5. Make a date idea  jar. {a jar filled with fun ideas to do together.  You can even go ahead and attach money to each idea.  For instance, if its go grab coffee together, attach $10 to the date.  If it is lunch date to your favorite spot, attach $20 to it.  Other ideas: picnic in the park, play tennis, putt putt golf, bowling, go for a hike, make homemade pizza together, book store browsing, take a walk together, play cards}


I hope you find some way to show your spouse how special they are tomorrow and every day after that too! Signature