Season of Lent

The season of Lent is almost upon us. I really do enjoy Lent, though I spent many years not particularly caring for it. I viewed it as just another religious thing we do; I didn’t ever connect with the reason or the meaning of Lent.

Several years ago, after my brother passed away, I found it very hard to “connect” with the Lord. So I began to find comfort in some of the religious things. They provided a way for me to connect, when I couldn’t quite get there on my own. That year I stepped more into God than I did the “thing” I was giving up or fasting. That year I purposed to spend more time with God rather than just give up chocolate/meat/sweets/TV/Facebook. I did give up TV but I replaced the time I would have spent watching TV with spending time with the Lord, praying or reading His Word. And what a beautiful time it turned out to be. 40 days later as I prepared to celebrate the Resurrection with my church family, it felt different than the years prior, I felt more connected, more invested. The Crucifixion felt more personal, that year I truly knew and felt that Jesus has died for my sins and conversely, the Resurrection felt more personal, I knew that I knew that I knew that because my Savior lives, I live. I live in freedom, redemption, joy and peace!

So this year for Lent I invite you to join with me, preparing our hearts for what Christ did on the Cross and Resurrection. I am going to be following along with Margaret Feinberg and others around the world as we spend the season of Lent, not just giving something up, but seeking God by reading through the New Testament. The entire New Testament! I am excited for this season and I am excited for those of you who are going to join me on this journey to the Resurrection! Here is a link to the reading plan and I will have them printed for you to pick up from the Believe booth this Sunday.  Also, I have created a Facebook group for us to check in with each other, post our thoughts on what we have read, and offer a bit of accountability! You can go here to join the group:

My plan for Lent is to follow the reading plan by setting aside 30 minutes every morning, I know if I save it for later in the day I won’t ever get to it! I also am going to fast from the thing that seems to consume way too much of my time for no purpose, Facebook (except for the Lent Group). I have done this for Lent in the past and every time I started to get on FB or thought about getting on FB I read scripture instead. Let me tell you, I read A LOT of scripture that year!

I hope you will consider joining me and others on this journey and if this isn’t the way you want to prepare to celebrate the Resurrection, then I really encourage you to choose something that works for you.  Fast and Seek!  I can’t imagine you will regret one single moment of it!

Mark your calendars Lent begins March 5, 2014!