We have finished week 1 of the 90 Day Challenge!  How has it been going?  Are you finding time to spend with your spouse?  Have you been able to go on a date yet?  What about that bonus- praying together daily?  How has that one been going?

Joel and I have been doing good with the bonus!  Praying together, out loud, just the two of us.  It has been wonderful!  I feel like it has been refreshing for us.  It seems like we really share our hearts when we pray and I can see what Joel’s desires are for our family on a deeper level.  Joel works over night sometimes, so when he is gone we always pray over the phone together too.

A couple shared with me their experience with the 5 Love Languages.  They took the quiz and were both shocked at the results.  Taking the quiz made them both realize they hadn’t been showing their spouse love the way they feel loved.  This is the case for a lot of couples.  If you haven’t taken the 5 Love Languages quiz- you should!  I highly recommend the book too.  It can be so insightful for your marriage

I would love to share more real stories on the blog through this 90 day challenge.  If you want to share with me, please email jessica@momentumar.com  I do not have to share your name.  Also, please feel free to post pictures to our Facebook page or tag @mo_marriedlife on Instagram!