Hi, my name is Nicole and I struggle with a rebellious heart and control issues. I struggled a long time giving up control to God (and some days still do). I say that and laugh because even those words imply that it is mine to give up! For me, giving up control and trusting God with all areas of my life started with acknowledging that I was never in control to begin with and a realization that my life has been in God’s hands all along. We get small hints and sometimes bigger hints to what we hold tightly to through the frustrations of doing life in our own flesh and strength. And even through the frustration, some days I am still arrogant enough to think I got this, I can get through this, I can make things better, I can make things right. And I find myself time and time again making more bad decisions, in broken relationships, and empty on the other side of a change I thought would fulfill me. Here are the things I know to be truth in my own life… When I let go of managing my emotions, God healed the deepest wounds in me. When I let go of controlling my husband, he became the man of my dreams. When I let go of planning every detail of my son’s life, he became a man. When I let go of the need to plan my career, God took me into ministry and the greatest ride of my life! When I let go of planning my future, God gave me more than I could ever imagine. I think one of the most beautiful parts of parenting is learning what God must feel like when we think we know best. As parents, we all have those moments when you see where your kid is heading and you know it’s not for them – they can do better, there is more. But no matter how much of a resource you can be for them, they still choose to do it alone. I believe that’s how God feels. He is our resource, an answer for every decision we can make. Yet, we choose to go alone. Thank you Lord for being a patient parent! Control is a funny thing. When we think it’s ours, it is one of the most frustrating parts of our life. It’s exhausting – all the details, planning, organizing, repairing. When we realize God has all the control, it’s one of the most peaceful parts of our life.  We let God order our steps and we just live, knowing we are doing the very best we can. My prayer today is that you and I can both let go.