ThreeThingsONE:  This Sunday we will be in week 5 of the “Transformed” message series.  Now that we are now over half way through this amazing series, I want to encourage you to not quit!  Keep on going!  Keep making Sunday’s a priority!  Keep going to your life Group!  Keep reading the daily devotionals in your journal!  Keep inviting people to come with you!  I truly believe that the best of this series will happen in the final three weeks!  So buckle up it’s going to be an amazing ride!

Also, be early this Sunday!  We have a exciting game that will be taking place in the lobby before worship.  The game is called, “What’s Your Story?”  Come early and see what it’s all about!       

Two:  Trunk or Treat is happening Friday Oct. 31st at the Van Buren High School from 6pm to 8pm.  We need you to volunteer and dress up your Trunk and hand candy out to the kids.  Sign up will be in the entryway the next few Sundays.  Also, please bring candy with you and put it in the boxes outside the front doors.    

Three:  The Momentum staff will be leaving this Sunday for a three day conference at Gateway Church in Dallas.  Please pray for us as we travel and for us to experience the fullness of God while we are there!