As I am still reflecting on Sunday‘s sermon as well as the last few weeks, I wanted to share a little with you all today.

God’s timing on things is always so perfect and I often wonder why I have such a hard time just relaxing and waiting for it.  This message has been so perfect and the delivery of each weeks sermons have been incredible timely for me.  I often hear lots of people say the same thing which is amazing since we aren’t all in the exact situation, but yet God uses these messages to speak to us all right where we are.  God is good!

I am sure that all of us have unhealthy relationships.  One thing that I have been learning over this past year is how much control I truly have over my relationships.  I do not mean control over another person, but yet control over myself in the relationship.  I have realized that I can’t control others (healthy or unhealthy) but I do get to choose the way I react to their behavior.  Now this is not always easy and even though I know I have control sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, but now more then ever I realize how important it is to do my part to have healthy relationships, even when the other person is not emotionally healthy.  The devotions this week have been so good at reminding me how to have those healthy relationships.  I am not on my own, leaning on God for what I need is the key.  If you have gotten behind on these devotions try to take some time to go back over them.  They are too good to miss!

The other thing I want to share is about investing in the relationships in our life groups.  I will be really honest, our group has been meeting for almost 2 years and I have felt like giving up more times then I can count.  It didn’t feel like it was working.  It almost felt like a lost cause.  But you know what has happened?  Transformed started.  We ended up having some really good discussions that really brought the group together and it started feeling like we were really connecting.  Then, my dad passed away unexpectedly and my group completely surrounded our family.  They were there daily, sometimes physically stopping by but always emotionally.  They checked in throughout the day and continue to do so.  I realized how much they cared for us and how much we cared for them.  It has been amazing to see how our group has changed so much and the relationships that we have formed.  I am so glad we didn’t give up!  When you stick it out to see the fruit that is produced, it is worth it!