It is Finished

Good Friday fbGood Friday. If you look at just this day it is a devastating day. It would appear as though this is the end. That all is lost. Staring into the cross without the knowledge of the resurrection, you would see: the death, defeat, despair, grief, pain, suffering, sorrow, the loss of dreams, plans, vision, and hope. Brokenness and despair would consume you. This would be one of those days that left you wondering how did this happen, how did we get here? It all happened so fast, just days ago everything was good, we were celebrating and shouting and full of joy and excitement and now…how did we get to this place?
So many times in my life I asked my self the same questions. As the events and circumstances that I stared into screamed defeat, despair, hopelessness, pain, suffering, loss of dreams and visions, I would wonder how in the world I got here? Where exactly had things gone wrong? How in the world could I possibly move forward, how would; how could, anything ever be right again?
When I look at the Cross I am reminded that God does His best work in the sorrow. Never has there been a time when God shows up more powerfully than He does when through the pain and brokenness of the Cross, He conquers sin and death! Our Savior cried out, “It is finished” it was a statement of defeat, He was not defeated, He had defeated the enemy. The transaction required to purchase us back was finished. Death was finished. Sin was finished. Hopelessness was finished. When we feel as though all hope is lost, we can remember that our God shows up in the very midst of hopelessness and shouts…It is finished!
When I look at the Cross I am reminded that God’s plan and His timing are perfect. 3 days the world waited in defeat, despair, grief and hopelessness. Three days our Savior was in the darkness of the tomb. So many days I have felt lost in the darkness and wondered where the Lord was, why was He not banishing this darkness? I have to remind myself that it is in the darkness that I can hear Him and draw near to Him. Remind myself, that when all else fails, when the world screams defeat, when the the dark hopelessness descends, that He has promised to never leave me or forsake me, He has promised to be my Shepherd, and because He rose from the tomb on the third day…that I have hope eternal…life eternal…and nothing on this earth can take that away. I have to remind myself, that just as the Cross alone looks like defeat, the darkness alone feels like never ending hopelessness…but on the third day…only a Savior who can conquer death can promise…to work all things for good. All things. All always means all.
If you are staring into the circumstances of life and you are overwhelmed with hopelessness …remember the hope and the promise of the Resurrection!