It’s just difficult to Pray sometimes….

“It’s just difficult to pray sometimes.” That is not what I am hearing but this is what I am thinking.  I set aside time in the morning to pray.  To spend the time with God that is so important in my life, my job, and my success. I am a pastor for goodness sake. I am suppose to pray, I get paid to pray.  So, why is it so hard to take time and be able to spend some quiet time with God?  As I knelt down in my office this morning to spend some quiet time, my mind began to race.  It began to tell me all the things I have to get done thru the week.  It was telling me I needed to wait for prayer and go ahead and get started on my To Do List!  I almost gave in and something came to my mind.  I began to see my To Do List in my head and at the top of that list, I wrote PRAY! Even though everything on my list was related to ministry, things to do in order for the church to move forward, even things to do to help some partners in our church out, all good things to do. Still at the top of my list was Pray, If I don’t make time for prayer then my To Do List will no longer be my ministry. It will become a job, a checklist, just another list that has to be finished before the end of the work week. But, with prayer my To Do List becomes my passion, my drive.  Prayer changes things, prayer pushes you, prayer changes who we are,  Prayer makes the impossible, possible.  I must pray. If I don’t pray I am just Rodney Porter, but when I pray and have a relationship with Christ, I am a child of the Man who owns everything. He doesn’t just own it, He created it.  God makes me who I am and having conversation with him gives me purpose.  I am nothing without Christ, so getting to know him gives me a greater glimpse of who I need to reflect.

Reflecting Him,

Rodney Porter