Prayer Blog by Shirley Dias

I love my children. They are all so different. When they were little, sometimes, all they wanted to do was to hang out with me, not for any particular purpose. They may have been doing their own activities but wanted me in the same room. Or, they wanted me to watch them do something. Sometimes, they asked me to help them to do something because they were not sure they could do it on their own.

I like to think that the Lord is the same way about us. He loves us. He knows we are all so different because He made us that way. Sometimes through prayer, we may want us to invite Him into our activities, not for any purpose, but just to acknowledge His presence. Or, through prayer, we may want to invite Him to watch us do something and be open to His leading. Or, through prayer, we may ask Him to be with us because we are going through something and we need Him.

To be in a relationship with anyone, there needs to be interaction between me and the other person. I do not spend as much time with the Lord in prayer as I need to. I only spend as much time with Him as I want to. “Lord, please give me a greater desire to spend more time with you. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.”

Shirley Dias