Where are we? I think about where the church was and where it is today. It is exciting to see new faces coming in every Sunday, and see new people signing up for Life Groups and volunteering. We have always known God was going to take Momentum somewhere great and still believe this to be true. As we look back and look forward Momentum is not looking for growth in number but looking for growth in Christ. We pray relationships with Christ and with others begin to grow and truly become a family environment. An environment we can look at each other and never be ashamed of where we are, or what we did, but knowing our failures and our hang- ups are a reality of life. An environment where people are not ok with their own hang-ups or failures and are willing to lean on God and others to be better. An environment of love, not judging one another just praying for one another to draw closer to God thru every journey God allows us to walk down. We want to be a family that holds each other accountable and challenges each other to grow. Church family isn’t God, they can never save you or change you, but a true church family is a great reminder that there is a God who loves you and will change you. I pray God help me be family, help me create an environment of love for the people around me. God help me be a reminder of who you are!



Reflecting Him,


Rodney Porter