All Because…

I woke up thinking about a hurtful thing I had done to someone a long time ago, The thought took over my mind for at least a half hour.  I relived it.  I felt awful about what I had done.  I wondered if the other person still had bad feelings toward me. Then, I realized that  a long time ago, I had apologized for it, reconciled the relationship, repented, and ask our Lord to forgive me.  I had wasted a half hour of my life.  What’s up with that?

Do you ever do that?  Think about something that is of no value to what is happening in your life now?  Worry and wonder about all the ways a situation can end up?  Replay an event or conversation in your life that happened over and over again?  Think bad thoughts about yourself or someone else?  I have always called that “spinning” because when I have the moment to stop it, I think I am just “spinning my wheels” and not getting anywhere.

What if we prayed instead?  I could have been praying for that half hour.  God loves me. God has a good plan for me.  God knows the biggest picture.  I am a child of the All Mighty God.  No weapon formed against me will prosper.  God has this situation in His mighty hands.  I will do what I can do and give this to Him.  He will give me peace.

This reminds me of the old hymn “ What a Friend We Have In Jesus”.

“O what peace we often forfeit,

O what needless pain we bear, 

All because we do not carry 

Everything to God in prayer.”

God should be our first thought when “spinning” happens.  I think it makes Him smile.

Shirley Hirano-Dias