Community Meal

Every Third Saturday we cook, prepare and deliver over 400 meals to our community.

It’s for anyone looking for a meal that otherwise wouldn’t get one. The meals are organized into 9 delivery routes and delivered by teams of up to 4 people. This is a great opportunity for a family. It gives the parent a chance to teach or live out one of our primary principles, radical generosity.

Video of recent photos from our MOmentum Crew preparing and delivering meals.

It’s been a Momentum dream since the beginning.  Almost as soon as the Lord placed the idea of Momentum in our hearts, He placed the idea of serving the community in tangible ways there too.  While we have been able to serve the community in many ways in the past several years, we are extremely excited to be able to serve our community in a consistent way through our Community Meals.

If you are interested in serving, we need you!  Let us know you’re interested and we’ll get in contact with you.  

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