We are passionate about teaching our youth how to trust in God for the big things and the small things in life. Starting kids out at a young age has proven to ensure their faith in God will endure throughout their life. At Momentum our MOtion Ministries is focused on 6th-12th grade. We spend time teaching them the basic principles of living a life trusting in God.  We know God never fails, and we consider it a great opportunity to share this principle with our kids. We know we cannot compete with the world of entertainment, but we also know the world of entertainment cannot compete with MOtion when it comes to building deep relationships with our middle school students. 

MOtion Ministries 6th-8th take place on Sunday mornings during the 10:30am service in the youth room which is located in the front door directly to the right up the stairs.  We meet together and join the church for worship and then break up into our small groups to bring out stories and lessons in the bible that are important to the students.  Our 9th-12th grade meet on Wednesday night in the youth room. We feed the kids and then we have our service. We focus on small groups in order to allow the students an opportunity to share the issues that they have in their life. Having relationships with the students allows us to give biblical and practical advice for the issues they are facing now. We truly love speaking truth into the life of a student who is starting to learn about God at such a young age. For more information about our MOtion Ministries please feel free to contact us at motion@momentumar.com

The BIG 3!

Identity- The world doesn’t have the right to label or identify you only God does!

Relationships- Building a trust, and earning the right to speak into their lives.

Discipleship-Taking Steps toward God.


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