MiniMO Volunteer

Ministry Description: MiniMO is our children's ministry meeting on Sunday Mornings at the 9:00am and 10:30am services. Each Sunday we will take the kids into their age appropriate classes and focus on three things: Care, Prayer, and God. This ministry allows parents to worship with a peace of mind knowing their children are being taken care of. What Will I Do As A Volunteer: As a volunteer you will do which of the following you are comfortable with:Teach a lesson provided by MOmentum, help children do a craft, help during snack time, help co-lead with another adult. Being on a routine is important in MiniMO and we try to stick to a schedule between story time, snack time, and play time. How Many Times a Month? You tell us how many times a month you wish to volunteer and we can make it happen. We ask all of our volunteers who are serving on a Sunday to attend worship on that Sunday. We feel it is important to still attend adult worship on the Sunday you volunteer. Example if you volunteer at the 9:00 service we ask you would attend worship in the 10:30 service. We would love for each volunteer to volunteer 1 service a week, in order to build real relationships with the kids. But once a month is a great blessing also.