MOtion Middle Volunteer

Our 6th-8th grade students meet during second service every Sunday Morning at 10:30. They will join main church in worship and then they will be dismissed to their class upstairs.We believe in building strong relationships with students and helping them realize who they are in Christ. Our big three in this ministry is Identity, Relationships, and Discipleship. Knowing who they are in God, having a healthy relationship with God and others, and then growing that relationship while challenging others to do the same. What Will I Do As A Volunteer: Our dream is to have 2 adult leaders per group. As a leader on Sunday Morning you will help keep the kids focused and also lead a group if that is what you are comfortable doing. The option is also just to be a co-leader of the group and be there as backup for the other leader and comment on the lesson or help answer real questions from the students. Wednesday night is the same, you will eat with the kids hang out and talk and then lead a small group or just help another leader lead the small group. Your focus will always be to build a relationship with the students, not being cool or relate, but just there listening and making them feel heard and loved. How Many Times a Month? You tell us how many times a month you wish to volunteer and we can make it happen. We ask all of our volunteers who are serving on a Sunday to attend worship on that Sunday. We feel it is important to still attend adult worship on the Sunday you volunteer. Example if you volunteer at the 10:30 service we ask you would attend worship in the 9:00 service. We would love for each volunteer to volunteer 1 service a week, in order to build real relationships with the kids. But once a month is a great blessing also.